rebuilding of
The Casavant Frères Organ, Op. 3226

Comprised of 63 ranks of pipes, the organ was built in 1974 by Casavant Frères, Ltée. in SaintHyacinthe, Quebec and funded by designated gifts and memorials at a cost of $134,925 USD. It is valued at $1.8M today.

After 47 years of continual use, pneumatic actions and winding systems are failing; metal fatigue and corrosion compromise nearly every rank. More than one-third of the pipework has collapsed. Eight of the largest pedal pipes, measuring from 16’ in length and weighing as much as 251 lbs., have been removed and temporarily stored in the Chapel Chancel to mitigate risk of falling. The cantilevered chest suspended above the Choir Gallery requires structural stabilization. Multiple bids to rebuild the notable organ range from $500K to $1.2M. A $50K designated challenge gift has encouraged contributions totaling $102,718 through December 31, 2022. The organ remains the builder's magnum opus in Florida.