Sanctuary Centennial Anniversary Service
Sunday, March 26, 2023 - 10:30 a.m.

Join us for a Service of Divine Worship with liturgy commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Sanctuary
and music for choir, soloist, congregation, trumpet, organ, and percussion.
The City of Clearwater will present A Proclamation Honoring Peace Memorial.

Divine Worship for the Centennial Anniversary Service

a letter from our enhancement leadership

Long before the pandemic, an extensive structural and mechanical evaluation revealed issues in the Education Building. We voted to demolish the 1951 structure at a Congregational Meeting. In recent weeks, you have relocated furnishings, and assisted Peace Café transition operations to the Roebling Building.

With Peace at the heart of Imagine CLEARWATER, beyond the demolition of the Education Building, we have an opportunity to preserve our century old Sanctuary and revitalize our campus! – with your help, that is. Please peruse these pages to learn of plans to address accessibility to our administrative and worship facilities, refurbish the Sanctuary and Chapel interiors, rebuild the organ, enhance the overall appeal of the campus, including the possibilities of a columbarium and labyrinth, among others.

At the outset, the Task Force recognized the Biblical faithfulness of tithing, and the importance of a beyond-our-walls mission component. Ten-percent of all pledged income to the Centennial Enhancement Fund will be tithed in a concerted effort to engage our faith community in vibrant intergenerational outreach. These opportunities will be identified and defined through a series of Town Hall Meetings in the coming year.

The quiet phase of our Cherishing History Imagining Tomorrow Centennial Capital Enhancement Campaign has gone very well. Members of the Task Force have committed more than $400K to date. However, we need everyone to help reach our goal.

That’s where you come in. We are asking everyone to make a prayerful commitment, over two years, to make the revitalization of our Sanctuary, Chapel, and campus a reality. We hope every person will make a generous contribution to the Centennial Enhancement Fund in response to God, and for future generations.

Together, let us prepare for a new vision in a new century of Peace,

The Centennial Capital Enhancement Task Force

cherishing HISTORY
imagining TOMORROW

David Arthur Dunseith’s first sermon at then First Presbyterian Church of Clearwater took place one week before peace was declared in World War I. This undoubtedly accounted for this single-minded purpose to lead his growing congregation of 121 in the building of a large, noble edifice dedicated to the worship of God and to the ideals of world peace and to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in this effort.

Session minutes dated March 24, 1919, indicate how quickly Dr. Dunseith acted toward that end. By November 10, 1920, Franklin Adams, noted Tampa architect, had been contracted to design the structure. The cornerstone was set in 1921.

– Michael L. Sanders, A Hundred Years at Peace

the centennial capital enhancement task force

Timothy Belk
Jean Bennett
Ruling Deacon ('24)
Land Lease Sub-Committee
Resting Elder
Andy Burwell
Land Lease Sub-Committee
Personnel Ministry
Resting Elder
Merry June Burwell
Resting Elder
Beth Daniels
Worship and Music Ministry
Resting Elder
Susan Dees
Presbyterian Women
Past Moderator
Sue Ellis
Resting Elder
Martha Espey
Ruling Elder ('25)
Connections Chairperson
Presbyterian Women
Rebecca Futral-Anderson
Personnel Ministry
Resting Elder
Don Golliher
Ruling Elder (‘23)
Finance Ministry
Land Lease
Sub-Committee Only
Property Ministry
Chris Lewis
Resting Elder
Keith McMullen
Treasurer of the Corporation
Resting Elder
Colleen Mounsey
Worship and Music Ministry
Resting Elder
Anne Shaw
Ruling Elder (‘23)
Grow Ministry Chairperson
Bob Valentine
Diaconate Co-Moderator ('23)
Resting Elder
Roy Workman
Finance Ministry
Land Lease Sub-Committee
Property Ministry
Resting Elder
As approved at the Stated Session Meeting August 23, the purpose of the Centennial Capital Enhancement Task Force is to develop a concise multi-phase plan assessing capital needs, defining tangible costs, procuring funding, implementing and achieving identified goals, and equipping congregants to identify and define outreach opportunities for intergenerational engagement.
Imagine Clearwater is an investment in the redevelopment of Downtown Clearwater and its waterfront – including construction of a new 4,000-seat covered amphitheater in Coachman Park – that will be a must-see destination point in the
Tampa Bay area.

Designed to connect the waterfront and the Downtown Clearwater community, Imagine Clearwater includes an expansive park and recreational spaces, a gateway plaza and bluff walk that connects the park to downtown, a bay walk promenade
overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, a lake area with picnic shelters, and an ocean-themed play area with an interactive pop-jet water feature.

The additions to Coachman Park also include the amphitheater which will accommodate a year-round performance schedule that promises to continue the City of Clearwater’s reputation as a premier location for diverse live entertainment.

– City of Clearwater; October 22, 2021

is a key component
of a new vision
in a new century of PEACE

phase I: enhancement, replacement,
and demolition...

Members of the Task Force have pledged
more than $400K to date.

As approved at the Stated Session Meeting December 14, 2020:
Virtual Ministry: online streaming equipment for Sanctuary
at a cost of $51,548
  • COVID-19 Grant by Presbytery of Tampa Bay
    • $30,000-
  • Designated Memorial Gift
    • $4,500-
  • Deficit Balance Due to General Fund
    • $17,048

As approved at the Stated Session Meeting June 28:
Installation of Chiller for Air-Conditioning
and Humidity Control at a cost of $140,140
  • Insurance Claim Filed and Paid
    • $86,270-
  • Deficit Balance Due to General Fund
    • $53,870

As approved at a Congregational Meeting September 19:
Demolition of Education Building
  • Demolition of Education Building and Sodding/Landscaping of Vacated Lot;
  • Architectural and Bidding Services are in progress with an estimated response deadline of November 30. The project is expected to conclude in January 2022 at an approximated cost not to exceed $120K.

phase II: assessment, feasibility,
and implementation...

Progression will be based solely on pledges to the Centennial Enhancement Fund, and facilitated by a liturgical consultant and ecclesiastical architect.

Accessible Means of Egress
  • Chapel (via ramp entrance); Sanctuary and Chapel (via Dunseith Memorial Garden); Administration Building (via McGeachy Memorial Garden, and West Parking Lot).

Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical HVAC, plumbing, and roofing, as required; fire safety and security features, as required; energy saving technologies to diminish and/or eliminate annual expenses.

Sanctuary and Chapel Interiors
  • Chancel accessibility; flooring; painting; lighting; pews; cushions; portable seating; windows; digital sound enhancement;
  • use of Balcony, as permitted by fire safety protocols.

  • Landscaping architectural design for climate zone/region; painting in Mediterranean style; enhancement of marquee by digital technology, as permitted by ordinance; columbarium; labyrinth; water feature designed to enhance shallow well water irrigation system; Tower bell peal and toll.

phase III: rebuilding of our casavant organ, op. 3226

Comprised of 63 ranks of pipes, the organ was built in 1974 by Casavant Frères, Ltée. in SaintHyacinthe, Quebec and funded by designated gifts and memorials at a cost of $134,925 USD. It is valued at $1.8M today.

After 47 years of continual use, pneumatic actions and winding systems are failing; metal fatigue and corrosion compromise nearly every rank. More than one-third of the pipework has collapsed. Eight of the largest pedal pipes, measuring from 16’ in length and weighing as much as 251 lbs., have been removed and temporarily stored in the Chapel Chancel to mitigate risk of falling. The cantilevered chest suspended above the Choir Gallery requires structural stabilization. Multiple bids to rebuild the notable organ range from $500K. A $50K designated challenge gift was received in September 2021.

questions and answers

What is the financial goal?
  • The goal will equal the assessment of needs as defined by the tangible costs. We expect to expend an estimated $2M to achieve the multi-phased plan over a two year period (2022- 2023).
What monies will be used to seed the Centennial Enhancement Fund?
  • As approved at the Stated Session Meeting September 27, the seeding of the Centennial Enhancement Fund through the implementation phase will be by contributions received to date, undesignated memorials, applicable restricted funds, and any earned income from applicable invested funds.
Will there be encumbrance of assets, invasion of endowed funds, or long term debt?
  • In keeping with best practices, the Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church of Clearwater in Florida does not invade the principal of invested funds. The Centennial Enhancement has been designed without long term debt or encumbrance of cash or real assets.
What are other possible revenue sources?
  • Outside our walls, other revenue sources may include Peace Memorial Concert Series Patrons; family foundations affiliated with Peace Memorial; States represented among the Through Windows of Peace Collection; grants; corporate community; Pinellas County; City of Clearwater, etc.
So what about funding the beyond-our-walls component?
  • On the last business day of the month, ten-percent of all pledged income received to date will be transferred to an interest bearing account where it will accrue until the congregation has identified outreach goals for intergenerational engagement.
What is the commitment period?
  • Enclosed is an Estimate of Giving Card and a return addressed envelope. The commitment period for the campaign is now through April 30, 2022.
What is the payout period of this two year campaign?
  • The payout period is now through December 31, 2023, as determined by the donor as part of their estimation for both the 2022 and/or 2023 fiscal years.
How will contributions be received?
  • Contributions are welcomed in cash (via credit or debit card, with no convenience fees), by check, stock, or bond. We also encourage cars and real property.
Will there be opportunities to engage the Task Force?
  • The Task Force will host appropriate hospitality functions following Sunday morning worship throughout all phases to provide updates, facilitate questions, and encourage communication. For immediate information, contact Timothy Belk ( or Extension 224).